Match analysis 2.0 with Bundesliga Match Facts, powered by AWS

Three new statistics have been added to realtime match analysis

The cooperation venture for data analysis between the German Football League (the DFL) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) that has been running since 2020 will have three new statistics added to it from the 21st match day of the 20/21 season for the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga. “Attacking zones”, “Most pressed player”, and “Average positions: Trends” enable the public and the clubs to gain deeper insights into match analysis and will revolutionise the options for data-based live statistics.

Detect offensive strategies with “Attacking zones”

Where do the teams’ players enter into the box where a goal might be scored? Which wing gets more play? With the new “Attacking zones” Match Fact, the answers to these questions will become crystal clear in images. Here, the last third of the field leading up to the goals is split into four equally sized vertical zones. An algorithm evaluates when the attacking team enters these sectors. Dribbling and passes into the zones are also taken into account. On-screen graphics show fans how each team’s attempts to press forward are distributed across the four attacking zones as percentages.

For fans, the live data is always available via the Bundesliga app or when it is overlaid on TV by the relevant broadcasting partners.

“Most pressed player” shows high-pressure situations

How often is the player with the ball put under pressure? How high is the pressure, distributed across individual players on the team? Thanks to the “Most pressed player” data, we can answer these questions and make the information accessible for the media and clubs. The number of rival players exerting pressure, along with their distance and direction of movement relative to the player in possession of the ball, are taken into account. It is possible to see which player in a team is most frequently put under pressure, compared to their team mates. Media partners can choose to show this information in live reporting. Fans and journalists can call up data live in realtime in the Bundesliga app.

Analyse the trends behind team formations with “Average positions: trends”

Building on the “Average positions” Match Fact, which has been published since the 19/20 season and states the average position of the individual players, the DFL now also provides information on the trend of the average positions of the players. With “Average positions: trends”, changes in formation, which are based on individual game events such as red cards, substitution or goals, can be extracted and visualised.

Media partners and commentators can determine the period that they want to observe and thus improve recognition of tactical trends. In addition to this, comparisons can be drawn between the tactical behaviour of a team in possession and not in possession of the ball, or the average positions of two rival teams at a desired point in time.

Audiences can see these ratings as TV graphics. In the Bundesliga app, users also have the option of displaying real formations according to their own preferences.

Goal Probability and xGoals, Average Positions and the Speed Alert have already been introduced in Bundesliga Match Facts. In editorial terms, all Bundesliga Match Facts are integrated into the digital platforms and channels of the Bundesliga and in the international broadcasts. Media rights holders in German-speaking markets also have the option of incorporating them into their broadcasts.

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