Innovative software to win the “Clásico

“Barca” coach Xavi counts on Kognia.

The program of the Barcelona-based company provides real-time tactical and post-match analysis, with which the coach of the 26-time Spanish champion improves his own tactics

Tech tools in the big world of soccer are getting smarter all the time. A few examples: There’s “ddrobotec,” a robo-personal trainer that looks like a leg press with a monitor and can be used to perform exercises that come across like video games to increase the fun factor in rehabilitation measures. With the “Smartball” from the Hanover-based company Sport Technology Systems, amateur teams should in future be able to obtain performance data without great technical effort. And with “Rezzil”, with the help of data glasses and special shin guards, a virtual grass court can be entered on which various training exercises can be carried out.

Of course, even the best clubs in the world do not close their eyes to this progress. At the glorious FC Barcelona, for example, they use advanced AI software to improve tactics. Perhaps this was also a key to the prestigious success for the 26-time Spanish champions over the big rival about two weeks ago. With 4:0 “Barca” prevailed at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu at Real Madrid and delivered a demonstration of high football art in the 282nd “Clásico”.

Kognia detects tactical imbalances and free spaces on the field

But what exactly is behind this tactics tool? Barcelona coach Xavi uses the innovative Kognia software for analysis purposes. It was developed by Joan Vilà, one of Xavi’s mentors. Kognia is a Barcelona-based sports intelligence software company that performs real-time tactical and post-match analysis of soccer matches, combining it with the knowledge of specialists in the soccer industry.

Thus, Kognia detects tactical imbalances or free spaces in the different zones of the playing field and analyzes the events in real time. It helps the football coach to uncover weaknesses of the opponent and weaknesses in his own game and to make appropriate tactical changes. In addition, the software provides individual performance data, which enables in-depth analyses after the games.

Xavi already used Kognia as coach of Al-Sadd in Qatar. “As a coach, Kognia provides me and my staff with important information that will help me make the best decisions from the bench,” the Barcelona coach explains on the company’s website. In the recent “Clásico”, Kognia certainly played a part in Barcelona’s first win over Real Madrid since 2019.

Photo by Krzysztof Dubiel on Unsplash

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